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Services.  Big or Small, We Do It All! 

Crane hoisting crated machine tool

Transpak Rigging & Crating is pleased to handle jobs from large to small for industry in the Austin, Texas area.  


Whether you need single tools transported or a complete plant relocation, Transpak is your one-stop shop.  We provide riggers, transportation, crating and skidding services.


Our state-of-the-art equipment includes Aerogo Air Pallet Systems, machine skates with 150,000 lb. capacity, gantries, forklifts with 3,000-36,000 lb. capacity, and a fleet of trucks tailored to individual requirements.

Crating & Skidding
Crating crew with large custom wood crate

Transpak is one of the few rigging companies in Central Texas that provides crating and skidding (palletizing) services for both overseas and domestic shipments.


We also provide short term storage at our 80,000 square foot warehouse facility to accommodate a customer's shipping and delivery needs.


Crating and skidding is custom built to precise specifications to best protect valuable equipment during a move across a facility, city, state or overseas.

Rigging Projects
Generator installation utilizing gantry

Generator Installation Utilizing Gantry


Our division has successfully completed a variety of projects involving an array of equipment and challenges.


Please click on the items below to view details.


Crating Projects
Custom skid pallets and barrier bags

Custom Skid and Barrier Bagged Equipment


Our custom crating & packing services include:


  • Specialized cushioning, blocking and bracing to protect your shipment using state-of-the-art methods and materials.

  • Quality built oak custom order crates and pallets built specifically to fit the machine tool and secure it for transport.

  • Techniques and materials are customized to fit the fragility of goods, customer specifications and shipping environment.


Explore our packaging options.



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