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Crating Projects

Transpak provides the following custom crating & packing services:


  • Specialized cushioning, blocking and bracing to protect your shipment using state-of-the-art methods and materials

  • Quality built oak custom order crates and pallets built specifically to fit the machine tool and secure it for transport

  • Techniques and materials are customized to fit the fragility of goods, customer specifications and shipping environment

wood crate

Specialty wood crates for large machine tool.

truck with crate supports

Truck with crate supports for stabilization.

export packaging

Barrier wrap for moisture protection of tool for export.

Semi-truck transport of crate

Transport of crated machine tool on semi-truck.

Crate loaded onto trailer

Wood crate loaded onto lowboy trailer.

large crate loading onto trailer

Loading crate onto lowboy trailer with forklift.

Crates with moisture barrier

Large wood crates with moisture barrier installed.

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